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Meet Alluvion

We do common things uncommonly well.

Meet the Alluvion Leadership Team

Built for collaboration; we – here at Alluvion Embellishment – are committed to fostering strong, collaborative partnerships with all of our clients, colleagues, and the community we're so proud to call home.


Rich Petty

Since 2007, I have enjoyed exploring and growing my career in the custom decoration business. I’ve always enjoyed this industry because it combines business and fashion – two subjects that have always intrigued me.

With a start in creative department administration, I immediately recognized combining technology with great organizational skills and efficient workflow was rewarded. Since then I have tried to continually expand my knowledge and skills. I have always enjoyed learning, especially while being hands-on with equipment and processes. Embroidery is my favorite embellishment technique because it is safe, environmentally friendly, and is very beautiful when applied properly.

At Alluvion I am constantly trying to grow our team’s skill set and interest in self improvement. While not working, I enjoy tennis because of its cardio and agility benefits along with the mental and skill challenge of always feeling like there’s more to learn.

Executive Vice President

Steve Wands

I have been in this business for over 26 years and love being in the apparel industry because it’s been a very rewarding career. Plus, I’ve had the opportunity to meet countless great people and learned all kinds of new things from them.

I believe you should try and learn new things everyday and not be afraid to fail. It has been very exciting – yet stressful – starting a new company. But it’s also been very rewarding and I’m looking forward to watching us grow and expand. I have always been on the Sales side of the industry and I take great pride in building relationships with customers and earning their trust.

By owning your own business, there are so many other things to learn which is very exciting and gives you a totally different perspective on things. Away from work, I enjoy watching sports, spending time with my wife and family.

HR Manager

Evelin Petty

I’m the type of person who always likes a challenge. I see them as new opportunities that help you grow both personally and professionally.

Since 2021, I have been part of this great work team where I enjoy interacting with different people, helping them find a work area where they can function effectively and confidently; taking into account what the company needs for its operation, working as a team with good communication and giving my best in the art of the embroidery industry.

One of the things I enjoy most is working out and improving my daily habits for better physical and mental health.

Order Entry Manager

Jessica Bracho

At first, I did not imagine myself involved in this industry nor did I know much about it in all, honesty.

Starting with screen printing, then learning how to manually mix inks, to running the Tagima machines; I was impressed by the embroidery that would go on the garments and how the machines – themselves – worked. I was intrigued and mesmerized looking at how stitch-by-stitch the logo of a design was embroidered.

However, because I’m always wanting to learn new things, the opportunity came for me to learn to enter the orders we receive from customers into our system which has given me clarity and understanding in how the entire process works from the initial stages to final shipment.

With the knowledge I have gained (and will continue to gain as the thirst of learning new things is a part of me) helps me explain and translate that to others. I enjoy the fast pace that work can be at times, but I also enjoy the calmness and tranquility of reading books that helps me grow mentally – even more so, spiritually – and the fun that can be playing table tennis.

Production Manager

José Melendez

Hello! I am José Melendez, proud production manager in the embroidery industry since 2023. My role is essential: to meticulously review and control each stage of the production process to guarantee the exceptional quality that distinguishes us.

My approach focuses on teamwork, as I firmly believe that collaboration is the key to success. I constantly seek to improve myself and motivate my team to give their best, thus driving performance and innovation in our work.

Outside of the world of embroidery, I am passionate about soccer. The competitiveness and camaraderie on the field reflect my philosophy of life. I am always ready for new challenges and opportunities to grow, both in my career and on the playing field.

Welcome to my world, where excellence and passion are intertwined in every stitch!







Steve Wands and Rich Petty have worked alongside one another since their days at Paramount Apparel starting back in 2007; forming a mutual trust and respect for each other and their respective skill sets. So when Rich brought Steve into the mix at his new operation – the objective was for him to tackle all things screen printing especially during the slower months when team sports were out of season.

In December of 2021, that operation was surprisingly sold to a prominent team dealer. They acquired the entire book of business, website, social media, everything.

During that last year of operations, focus had shifted to opening a cut & sew sublimation factory in the Dominican Republic.

But with the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a massive spike in what could only be considered a seemingly unlimited-demand for screen printing in the United States, across the board which brought the production facility back to life.

In June of ‘23 the production management team was called into an impromptu lunch meeting with a vibe that could only be described as “tension so thick you could cut it with a knife”.

Now the production facility and equipment would be liquidated.

Apart from them losing their own jobs, Rich & Steve realized this new plan for liquidation also meant nearly 100 other people would be without jobs with the simple stroke of a pen.

So, they saved it.

And rebranded as Alluvion Embellishment.

As the supply chain and capacity issues corrected themselves from Covid; there was a quick and drastic (over)correction in demand for screen printing which ultimately led to the decline in price and simultaneous increase of competition.

While on a road trip from St. Louis to Chicago the day before that fateful lunch meeting – with the intention of meeting an automated folder supplier in preparation for a large screen print order – the common theme of conversation in the car kept centering around just getting out of the screen printing business altogether.

But the main worry for Rich & Steve in that moment was the company’s ability to keep up with output in packing. When looking at screen printing through the lens of “profitability” there was a dark cloud looming over the company for months on end and they were seriously looking for a new path or solution to correct this.

Needless to say, the other main theme of the conversation heading toward Chicago was around embroidery. As a profit center – unlike screen printing – embroidery was alive & kicking and healthier than ever. The demand and price were stable and both Rich & Steve knew the margins could support a small business, as long as it was run extremely efficiently. Now with focus on embroidery, heat press, sewing, and laser engraving, the company is alive and well and relocated to South St. Louis County.


Our mission is to provide high quality, high value apparel decoration to major brands

by empowering every person in the organization to achieve their full potential by rewarding professional growth, quality and efficiency.


Our vision is to grow our decoration capacity and quality

by constantly improving processes, training, and communication with emphasis on technology utilization.


We value technology to improve workflow

to empower communication to employees and customers, and to collect metrics to improve efficiency and reward high performance.


Now that you know us, it's our turn to learn about you.


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